Elizabeth Knox
Acclaimed New Zealand author Elizabeth Knox will provide strategies for the creation of whole, real-seeming worlds in fiction in this exclusive creative writing retreat from 5-8 October 2018 at Zatori in stunning Golden Bay.
About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Knox is the author of 12 novels and three novellas. The Vintner's Luck won the Deutz Medal for Fiction in the 1999 Montana New Zealand Book Awards, and the Tasmanian Pacific Region Prize, and is published in 10 languages. Dreamhunter won the 2006 Esther Glen Medal. Dreamhunter's sequel Dreamquake, published in 2007, was a Michael L Print Honor Book for 2008 and, in the same year, was named an ALA, a CCBC, Booklist and New York Library 'best book'.

A collection of essays, The Love School, won the biography and memoir section of the New Zealand Post Book Awards in 2009. Mortal Fire won a NZ Post Children's Book Award and was a finalist in the LA Times Book Awards.

Elizabeth's latest book is horror/science fiction WAKE.

Elizabeth is an Arts Foundation Laureate and was made ONZM in 2002. She lives in Wellington with her husband, Fergus Barrowman, and her son, Jack.

Elizabeth Knox's most recent novel is WAKE.

An invisible monster is what you can't see coming. It has unknown qualities. With an invisible monster you never know when you're in danger and when you're safe – if you retreat to your fortress you can't be sure you haven't locked it in with you. The invisible monster is something on which no one is an expert. But everyone has the same relationship to it. It could just as well be peering over your shoulder as mine.

One sunny spring morning the Tasman Bay settlement of Kahukura is overwhelmed by a mysterious mass insanity. A handful of survivors find themselves cut off from the world, and surrounded by the dead. As they try to take care of one another, and survive in ever more difficult circumstances, it becomes apparent that this isn't the first time that this has happened, and that they aren't all survivors and victims – two of them are something quite other. And, it seems, they are trapped with something. Something unseen is picking at the loose threads of their characters, corrupting, provoking, and haunting them.

WAKE is book about what it really means to try to do your best, about the choices and sacrifices we face in order to keep a promise like I will take care of you. It is a book that asks: 'What are the last things left when the worst has happened?' It is a book about extreme events, ordinary people, heroic compassion—and invisible monsters.